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I'm Grace, the writer, photographer and foodie behind Busy Little Foodie. I'm a food blogger, forager, food grower,farmer's market lover, loose leaf tea obsessive who loves to surf, travel, be snap happy and love dearly. 

I’m happiest when I’m a busy bee. I am a dreamer and a doer. I get passionate, excited and enthusiastic about a million and one things, mostly involving community, food, health, travel and the ocean, art, creativity and happiness, the things that make people tick. I am happiest by the sea, on the land and in the kitchen.

I come from a big foodie family. My Mam is half German, an amazing home cook and conscious of vegetarian diets and organics. My Dad is an equally great home cook who hunts pheasant, rabbit and duck in winter and makes amazing slow-cooked stews and killer pickle sandwiches. My older sister is a trained chef and paella making master and my little sister is an impressive food product developer. I guess I would be out of place if I wasn't interested in food.

As a teenager, I was obsessed with baking and cooking programs on TV, especially travel shows. In my desire to be an independent woman, I got carried away in a baking craze from the ages of 15-18 making Sex and The City inspired cupcakes. I ate a lot of sugary, baked goods in college and even though I love my vegetables, I used sugar as a comforter and mood balancing tactic. It didn't work. In the last five years, I've become more and more interested in organics, local, seasonal food and how food affects not just our health and weight but also our emotions and our connections with others.

I've suffered from depression for years and it was only when I took a step back and looked at the type of food I was eating and the way I was eating it that I saw a strong connection between my depression and food. For a long time, sugary baked food was a comforter and a friend and I'd 'treat' myself to cake and coffee on my own when I was down. I now see food as a mood regulator, immunity booster and a way to bring about a sense of community and belonging, with others, myself, my German heritage, family, friends and Irishness. Food, good food that is lovingly grown, cooked and shared, is the real deal for me. As a result of all this, busylittlefoodie is a place for me to write not just about cooking food but growing it too along with growing a healthy sense of self, community and way of living. You can read more about my health background and how it has affected Busylittlefoodie here. If you want to know a little more about me, you can read my post 20 Little Things

In the last year I've realized that life is SO much more interesting when you seek out your passions, your interests and people to share all that with. Busylittlefoodie is a place for me to combine my passions and hopefully, encourage you to do the same and teach you more about food, foraging and some life lessons I learn along the way. I want to nourish my heart, my body and my soul through good food cooked with love and share all this through busylittlefoodie with you guys. 

Hope you get as much out of it as I do.
Thanks for reading

Grace x


If you want to contact me to ask me any questions about the blog, me or anything else, you can contact me here: busylittlefoodie@gmail.com 

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If you want to use any of my recipes or photos, be good about it and contact me first to ask permission. This blog is a love of mine and the time and energy I put into it is important to me. So contact me above if you want to share.



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