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Subscribing to Busy Little Foodie is not just my way of keeping in touch. I can't stand the constant email inbox invasion that some subscription lists can cause. This isn't to get discounts and new products. It's about kindness

I created Busy Little Foodie because I didn't feel like I had anyone to share with. Since writing recipes, writing about my life and photographing the foods and events that have occurred in my life, I've found a little community. I may not have a campfire of people around me in one spot but I do have a beautiful community of loving friends, family and readers from all around the world, thanks to this blog. By subscribing, I'd like you to become a part of this little campfire community.

Each month, I'll send one newsletter to stay in touch with a summary of Busy Little Foodie. This won't be a newsletter to put you under pressure. It's to acknowledge that we don't always have time to stay in touch, to make the effort to be part of a circle of friends or to even take time out for ourselves to simply read something we find really interesting.

So this newsletter is made for you. To stay in touch, to keep you posted, to help you out and to share the love. Kindness is caring. Sometimes we don't have the energy or effort or strength to take some time out and be kind to ourselves. I'm hoping to send out some kindness and love each month by writing my newsletter.

So if you like, fill in the form below and subscribe to the Busy Little Foodie community


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