Sunday 8 June 2014

Food Addict: Travels around Dublin on a photo binge

Being back working and earning has never been better. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth but honestly, having money in my bank account to buy delicious food and drinks in Dublin city in the sunshine has never been better. Life has never been better. In the last three weeks, my shoulder have turned brown again, energy levels are up and the buzz around Dublin's eateries and pubs and bars has never been greater.
Adding sunshine to this mix has made things even better. There is something about Ireland when the sun shines. There is no place I'd rather be. It's such a rare occasion that everyone transforms into carefree teenagers rushing out of work, dropping everything to sit in the park, whiz up a barbeque and lap up the rays laughing and chatting and eating with friends. Heaven.

I love the sun. I also really love how much the quality and variety of food, craft beers and foodie places in general has continued to grow and prosper in the last few years. This great feeling has led me to eat my way up and down Dublin's streets the last few weeks, smiling at the sunshine and taking lots of photographs. Even if the number of new recipes have dwindled slightly of late because of moving house, I can at least be proud of all the photographs I have accumulated of food, drinks, people, parks and places.

Enjoy the photographs and the sunshine!

Sweet potato chilli poached eggs at Bibi's, Portobello
Jasmine tea with love, Bibi's

My own version of summer time porridge

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