Wednesday 30 July 2014

Feeling lucky: Irish Blog Awards Nomination

I couldn't help it. I had to mention it outright. After a year and a half of on and off again blogging with equally on and off again confidence about my food, photography and writing abilities, I have been nominated in the Best Food and Drink Blog Long List for the Irish Blog Awards.

Scrolling down through the long list was like looking for exam results in college. Wondering if your name will even appear on the list and the dual feeling of euphoria and disbelief when you finally read your name.

Writing this blog has been a curse and a blessing. I have food on the brain ALL THE TIME. I plan my days around the food I am going to eat and the shops/markets I am going to shop at. I spend weekends either visiting markets or new cafes or planning my walking or cycling route to incorporate new places and foods to photograph. The last year especially has been a complete eye opener in terms of confidence in myself as an individual and as a foodie/photographer. For years I've loved baking and cooking for others. It wasn't until I started sharing that openly with others that didn't know me too well (like that amazing bunch of wonderfully crazy people at work) and embracing everything that Dublin has to offer that I really started to love keeping this blog.

Even if I don't make the short list for nominations, let alone win the food blog award, just getting nominated for the long list this year is beyond awesome!

Celebratory blog post to follow. Big love to everyone who nominated me. You guys are the bomb shizzle. I am feeling very thankful.

Big love!

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